Wed. May 29th, 2024


  • Nicole Weider is concerned about the impact of technology on children and restricts their access to smartphones.
  • She wants her children to remember their childhood without being glued to a device.

Nicole Weider, a former model, expressed her worries about the effects of technology on children in a recent Instagram post. She mentioned how millennials were the last generation to experience true boredom and how technology has taken away that experience from newer generations. Weider explained that constant stimulation from smartphones can make children feel like their lives are not as exciting as they could be without technology. As a result, she has chosen not to buy smartphones for her household or for herself in order to promote a more present and connected childhood for her kids.

Aside from her concerns about technology, Weider also shared about her experience battling stage 4 breast cancer and the impact it has had on her family. Despite facing challenges, she remains hopeful and grateful for the blessings in her life, including being a mother to her two children. Weider’s open and positive outlook on life serves as an inspiration to many as she navigates through difficult times with grace and faith.

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