Tue. May 28th, 2024


  • Last town hall meeting held by City of Hattiesburg to discuss new technology for first responders
  • Discussion took place at Lillie Burney Learning Center

The City of Hattiesburg recently hosted its final town hall meeting to explore potential new technology innovations for first responders. The event took place at the Lillie Burney Learning Center and was aimed at gathering feedback from the community on possible advancements in emergency response systems.

Various stakeholders, including city officials, first responders, and technology experts, were present to discuss the potential benefits and challenges associated with implementing new technologies. The focus was on improving communication, response times, and overall efficiency in emergency situations.

Attendees had the opportunity to share their insights and suggestions for the integration of new technology, highlighting the importance of collaboration and community involvement in enhancing public safety measures. The town hall served as a platform for open dialogue and brainstorming on ways to leverage innovation for the betterment of the city’s emergency services.

Overall, the last town hall meeting on new technology for first responders in Hattiesburg provided a valuable opportunity for stakeholders to come together, exchange ideas, and lay the groundwork for future advancements in the city’s emergency response capabilities.

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