Tue. May 28th, 2024


  • EllisDon is embracing technology solutions amidst growing interest in the construction sector.
  • They have launched a Technology Accelerator program and formed strategic partnerships with startups.

EllisDon continues to advance its technology strategy to stay ahead in the construction sector. Hammad Chaudhry, the vice-president of innovation and construction technology, highlighted the recent growth in the sector and the influx of investments in construction technology. The firm launched the Technology Accelerator program and received over 100 applications globally, ultimately partnering with startups like Provision and The Link to enhance their offerings.

Provision’s AI contract analysis platform helps identify risks in project documents, while The Link streamlines project spec analysis. Chaudhry emphasized the importance of these partnerships to supplement their core tools and improve efficiency. Construction tech, he explained, was seen as a prime opportunity by venture capitalists due to its digital advancements. The industry has shifted from point solutions to a more sophisticated ecosystem approach, with AI playing a significant role in enhancing existing offerings.

Overall, EllisDon’s focus on technology and strategic partnerships reflects their commitment to innovation and staying at the forefront of the construction sector’s evolving landscape.

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