Thu. May 30th, 2024


  • Ukraine showcased educational technology innovations at Bett U.K.
  • The country made history by joining global leaders in educational technology

Ukraine made a significant impact at the Bett U.K. exhibition with its educational technology innovations. The country’s delegation participated in the world’s largest exhibition of educational technologies, marking a historic moment for Ukraine’s global presence in this field. This event helped Ukraine to stand out among global leaders and showcase its advancements in educational technology.

The article also highlights Ukraine’s fight against Russia with attacks on oil refineries and cross-border raids. The U.S. Special Representative Pritzker emphasized the importance of providing aid to Ukraine to bolster U.S. military capacity. Additionally, Ukraine’s reconstruction efforts and the country’s recovery were discussed by U.S. envoy Pritzker.

Overall, Ukraine’s participation in the Bett U.K. exhibition and its ongoing fight against Russia demonstrate the country’s resilience, determination, and progress on the global stage.

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