Sun. May 26th, 2024

PTV Group will present its smart software at the 103rd TRB Annual Meeting in Washington DC (January 7-11), to help governments, industry, and academic institutions plan mobility for a better future. In 2023, PTV, part of Umovity, is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the world’s leading traffic simulation software PTV Vissim – one of the highlights at the booth. This fully integrated simulation encompassing all road users has played a pivotal role in enhancing traffic flow and reducing emissions across over 120 countries.

Transport planners and engineers use the software to demonstrate the performance of traffic systems via simulation, to improve it, and compare alternatives – before expensive construction is undertaken. The results provide a comprehensive and clear foundation for planning decisions.

In addition to the well-known standard tools such as PTV Vissim and PTV Visum, visitors to the TRB will discover PTV Model2Go. The automated technology for ready-to-use transport models includes travel demand data powered by TomTom – for a head start in modeling projects. Demos will be available at Booth 805. For those who want to enhance accessibility and clarity in mobility projects for all stakeholders, software innovations such as PTV Visum Publisher are at disposal. The software’s integrated workflows enable users to quickly create and share dashboards featuring descriptive maps and animations.

As part of PTV SaaS portfolio, visitors will be introduced to PTV Lines – a lightweight tool for public transport service planning. This platform facilitates collaboration among planners and stakeholders, offering a better grasp of the tangible consequences of infrastructure modifications before final decisions are made. Additionally, PTV Flows will be showcased, a cost-effective and user-friendly solution for real-time traffic management. This cloud-based software visually highlights issues within the road network and can identify or predict unforeseen congestion.

The flagship product PTV Optima will also be featured. This traffic management software for multimodal networks helps operators in identifying optimal scenarios for handling congestion, road closures, and construction, providing accurate simulations of resulting network performance. Both tools, PTV Flows and PTV Optima, empower operators to proactively manage traffic, minimize delays, enhance safety, and boost the overall efficiency of their transportation systems.

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