Tue. May 28th, 2024
  • Reserv has announced the appointment of James Maddox as their new Chief Technology Officer (CTO).
  • Maddox brings with him vast experience in machine learning and natural language processing from previous roles at Mya Systems and StepStone.
  • At Reserv, Maddox will be transforming the insurance adjuster experience from a manual to an interactive process using Large Language Models (LLMs) and modern architecture.

Reserv , an AI-driven insurance Third Party Administrator (TPA), has hired James Maddox as their new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Maddox is an expert in machine learning and natural language processing, and co-founded Mya Systems, which developed advanced recruiting automation solutions using conversational AI. After its acquisition by prominent global job platform StepStone, he assumed the role of Head of LLM Agent R&D, focusing on the development of AI-powered products and services.

In his new role at Reserv, Maddox will be tasked with transforming the adjuster experience from being dominated by manual one-way input data to an interactive experience utilizing LLMs and modern architectural systems. Not only will the focus be on automation, but also on issues of compliance, training, and reporting to provide the necessary support for Reserv’s fast-growing scale.

Maddox highlighted the immense potential of AI and modern technology practices in transforming the claims administration process. He emphasized that integrating Large Language Models (LLMs) not only streamlines operations and enhances economic efficiency, but also fundamentally improves the experience of policyholders.

Commenting on the new appointment, CEO and co-founder at Reserv, CJ Przybyl, expressed his excitement at having Maddox as the CTO. He believes Maddox’s skill in developing AI algorithms twinned with their data captured by a completely SaaS-based architecture will drive operational efficiencies and enhance the customer experience, enabling more data generation than any other TPA.

Since exiting stealth mode in July 2022, Reserv has rapidly expanded to over 100 employees across the US and UK. It operates on a single software system worldwide, streamlining its multi-national scale and unifying previously separate data points. Its claims administration services for all non-workers compensation lines of P&C business are currently available in the US and UK.

Reserv aims to transform TPA services into the critical data hub for the insurance industry by utilizing advanced automation technology and AI to bring speed, advanced data science, and simplicity to consumers, insurance adjusters and carriers.

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