Thu. May 30th, 2024


– A nonprofit organization called Project Lifesaver has developed a new application of old technology to help locate missing persons.
– The organization uses radio technology to track at-risk individuals living with diseases like Alzheimer’s or autism when they disappear.

Project Lifesaver, a nonprofit organization founded by Gene Saunders, has developed a device that uses radio technology to locate missing individuals with diseases like Alzheimer’s or autism. The device emits a strong and steady beep, which signals to officers that they are picking up the signal from the transmitter bracelet worn by the missing person. Since its inception in 1999, Project Lifesaver has helped locate over 4,270 missing individuals using this technology. Local law enforcement agencies have recognized the effectiveness of Project Lifesaver and have begun to adopt the technology.

Detective Kristin Meyer of the Port St Lucie Police Department, who has been leading the program for nine years, attests to the value of Project Lifesaver. She explains that the device saves time by allowing officers to quickly locate missing individuals and bring them home safely. The bracelets have a two-mile radius on the ground, which helps officers saturate the neighborhood and locate the missing person more efficiently.

For individuals on the autism spectrum, the bracelets are particularly valuable as they can help prevent drownings. The Autism Society of Florida reports that children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder are 160 times more likely to drown than their neurotypical peers. Meyer emphasizes the importance of safety measures like alarms and swim lessons, in addition to using the bracelets.

Project Lifesaver is active in Palm Beach, St. Lucie, Indian River, Okeechobee counties, and other parts of the country. Saunders, the founder of Project Lifesaver, recognizes the significance of the program and the impact it has on families. With his background as a police officer, he believes that his work with Project Lifesaver may have been part of his calling.

Overall, Project Lifesaver’s technology has proven to be an effective tool in locating missing individuals, especially those with Alzheimer’s or autism. The organization’s dedication to saving lives and bringing loved ones home quickly has garnered support from local law enforcement agencies. The success of Project Lifesaver serves as a testament to the power of integrating old technology with innovative applications.

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