Sat. May 25th, 2024

TLDR: Dutch logistics company the Vredeveld Group has implemented Continental’s ContiConnect digital tire monitoring technology to enhance supply chain optimization and reduce costs. The technology enables 24/7 monitoring of vehicles, allowing the company to track tire pressure and minimize breakdowns on the road. The adoption of ContiConnect has resulted in fewer breakdowns, fuel savings, and lower CO2 emissions for the Vredeveld Group.

The Vredeveld Group has partnered with Continental to implement its ContiConnect digital tire monitoring technology. With a fleet of 125 trucks and 200 semitrailers, the Dutch logistics company is focused on optimizing its supply chains and reducing costs. By digitizing processes, the company is aiming to improve efficiency and ensure that vehicles are always operating with the correct tire pressures.

The ContiConnect digital tire monitoring technology offers various features, including 24/7 monitoring of vehicles and a tracking function that allows dispatchers to locate drivers in the event of tire pressure loss. By adopting this technology, the Vredeveld Group aims to minimize breakdowns on the road, resulting in less downtime and reduced fuel consumption.

Mischa Vredeveld, the Vredeveld Group’s general manager, highlighted the savings that have been achieved through the adoption of ContiConnect. The company has experienced fewer breakdowns, which has resulted in reduced downtime and fuel savings. Additionally, the adoption of digital tire monitoring has contributed to lower CO2 emissions.

Continental also offers the ContiConnect Yard solution, which is designed for fleets returning to the depot daily. The system transmits tire data as vehicles pass fixed reader stations, enabling efficient fleet management.

Overall, the implementation of Continental’s ContiConnect digital tire monitoring technology has helped the Vredeveld Group optimize its supply chains, reduce costs, and minimize breakdowns on the road. With 24/7 monitoring and tracking capabilities, the company has been able to improve efficiency and enhance its overall operations.

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