Thu. May 30th, 2024

TLDR: The advancement of quantum technology in Ireland

  • Ireland released “Quantum 2030: A National Quantum Technologies Strategy” to become a hub for quantum technology by 2030.
  • This strategy focuses on pillars like research funding, talent development, collaboration, innovation, and awareness.

In November 2023, Ireland released its first official strategy, “Quantum 2030: A National Quantum Technologies Strategy,” aiming to position the country as a global leader in quantum technology by 2030. The strategy highlights the importance of various applications of quantum technology, such as in medical, internet, security, and finance sectors. Ireland already boasts a strong foundation in quantum research, with institutions like C-QuEST at University College Dublin and Tyndall National Institute at University College Cork leading the way. The five pillars of Quantum 2030 include funding for research, talent development, collaboration at national and international levels, fostering innovation and competitiveness, and raising awareness about the benefits of quantum technologies.

The “IrelandQCI” project, part of the European Commission’s EuroQCI program, will establish a national quantum communication infrastructure in Ireland. The project involves key partners like Walton Institute, Trinity College Dublin, University College Cork, University College Dublin, and others. By integrating quantum technologies into existing communication networks, Ireland aims to advance its telecommunications sector and enhance information security. The project also aligns with other quantum initiatives in Europe, such as the Quantum Flagship Initiative and the SFI CoQREATE project.

Overall, Ireland is poised to become a cornerstone in the global quantum industry, with projects like IrelandQCI leading the way in developing secure quantum communication networks and advancing quantum technologies across various sectors.

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