Tue. May 28th, 2024

Hyundai has submitted a new patent filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for hydrogen fuel cell technology, implying its intention of taking the N Vision 74 concept to production. The newly published patent, discovered by CarBuzz, was submitted on the 14th of December 2023 and involves a “vehicle rear body structure” incorporating hydrogen storage tanks positioned towards the back of the cabin, parallel to the car’s structure.

  • The patent visuals reference a similar Kia Stinger body but includes a hydrogen tank configuration similar to the N Vision 74 model.
  • Hyundai has not refuted speculations about the production of the N Vision 74. Executives have indicated their interest in transitioning the concept to a production version.
  • Hyundai has filed numerous other patents in the past for different structures and fuel cell technologies. Filings continue to emerge, substantiating rumor mills about a production version of the N Vision 74.
  • The removal of ‘Vision’ from the ‘N 74’ name and subsequent interviews by Hyundai have given more weight to the speculation surrounding the model’s production.

Despite the patent’s complexity, it primarily focuses on the layout and construction of the rear subframe for housing the suspension, twin storage tanks, fuel cell, and other necessary components. Provisions are also made for the battery, hydrogen fuel cell stack, drive motor, and inverter module within the design. Although the diagrams reference a Kia Stinger body shell, the design precludes the use of the rear seats, implying it’s more likely to be applied in a performance coupe.

Currently, Hyundai only produces one hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, the Nexo. Still, a flagship performance coupe could effectively change public perception about the capabilities of hydrogen. Together with the innovative technology in the Ioniq 5 N performance EV, this new development could bring significant benefits for Hyundai.

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