Thu. May 30th, 2024
  • The new issue of Ship Technology Global magazine investigates the role of alternative fuels in decarbonising the maritime sector.
  • The magazine also covers the challenges involved in building the infrastructure necessary for alternative fuels to be viable.
  • Other topics covered include the Yemen oil tanker crisis and its environmental risks, the expansion of Mexico’s logistics infrastructure to meet growing demand, and industry predictions for 2024.

The latest issue of Ship Technology Global delves into various hot topics in the maritime industry, one of the most crucial being the role of alternative fuels in decarbonising the sector. Given the current targets, the maritime sector has less than three decades to reach zero emissions. Navigating the real potential and challenges of alternative fuels becomes critical in this context. The industry is deliberating whether a single type of fuel will dominate or if the future will be multi-fuel.

Besides, the issue significantly illuminates the Yemen oil tanker crisis and the associated environmental risks due to oil spills in war-ravaged and disturbed regions. Such issues offer grim reminders of the environmental hazards associated with maritime activities, especially when they coincide with geopolitical unrest.

Another focal area in the issue is the analysis of the logistics infrastructure in Mexico. As more American companies shift operations to Mexico, the country’s infrastructure and logistics need to catch up with the increasing demand. This article delves into how Mexico should manoeuvre this challenging landscape to uphold its economic momentum.

Lastly, keeping in line with the tradition of year-end reflections and projections, the issue includes key industry themes expected to dominate the maritime sector in 2024, gleaned from expert opinions. This projection serves as an invaluable tool for industry stakeholders to chart their path in the coming year.

All these insights and more make the latest issue of Ship Technology Global an important resource for those interested in the state and future of the maritime industry.

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