Wed. May 29th, 2024

H2U Technologies and De Nora have entered a research and development agreement to advance green hydrogen technology. The partnership will focus on identifying and developing high-performance electrocatalysts for low-cost hydrogen production through water electrolysis, a development expected to drive the energy transition by expanding the hydrogen value chain.

The agreement is a continuation of a previous collaboration between the two companies, leveraging H2U’s exclusive Catalyst Discovery Engine™ (CDE™) to pioneer electrocatalysts that can be used in systems for water electrolysis-based hydrogen production. The CDE is an innovative tool that allows researchers to create, characterize, and quantify the catalytic activity of thousands of compositions per week.

  • H2U Technologies and De Nora’s partnership aims to advance green hydrogen technology.
  • The collaborators will work on developing low-cost, high-performance electrocatalysts for hydrogen production.
  • The Catalyst Discovery Engine™, developed exclusively by H2U Technologies, will be instrumental in driving the research.

Christian Urgeghe, Chief Technology Officer at De Nora, emphasized the company’s commitment to consolidating its leadership position in the hydrogen segment through this collaboration, which would capitalize on H2U’s innovative, high-speed electrocatalyst screening technology.

According to Urgeghe, reducing the content of iridium catalysts is a key market objective in water electrolysis. H2U is leading the way in discovering iridium-free materials, aligning with De Nora’s commitment to reduce the use of noble metals in favor of environmental and supply chain sustainability.

H2U’s President and CEO, Mark McGough, commented on the similar objectives of both partners regarding cost reduction and the rapid expansion of green hydrogen production.

The two companies initially entered a joint development agreement in 2022, examining non-platinum group metal (PGM) catalysts to enable cost-competitive green hydrogen production.

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