Wed. May 29th, 2024

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 showcased a variety of new technologies, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence (AI). However, distinguishing between genuine AI and fake AI can be difficult, as many vendors may overstate the capabilities of their products. The accounting profession was not strongly represented at CES, with healthcare, aging, battery-powered, transportation, and pet technologies taking precedence. However, there were some notable hardware innovations, such as the portable monitor from Ricoh PFU that supports various technologies and is likely to be recommended for auditors and mobile workers. ViewSonic also introduced new portable monitors with OLED technology and a folding stand. Samsung introduced upgrades to many of its technologies, including the Samsung Wall, a large format screen that uses MicroLEDs to eliminate pixelation. Additionally, the Bixby technology was incorporated seamlessly into various Samsung products, supporting Microsoft Copilot and allowing phones, tablets, and other screens to interact with software connections. Another highlight was the Eco Flow whole-home battery system, which provides power during extended outages and reduces the need for generators. In terms of software, there were not many notable improvements specifically for the accounting profession, but some technologies of note included Click, a blockchain-enabled photo capture product for authenticating the provenance of pictures, and Hollo-AI, which creates a live-looking avatar that can respond to questions and add content retrieved from the web. Other notable technologies showcased at CES included MicroLED TVs, which offer sharper images, and products that incorporate wireless induction charging and improvements in 3D printing. Overall, the focus of CES 2024 was on advancements in communication speeds, AI-enabled computers, integrating phones as secondary screens, and improvements in CPUs, GPUs, and screen technology.

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