Sat. May 25th, 2024

Robots powered by artificial intelligence (AI) could potentially threaten jobs in the hospitality industry, according to an article in the Boston Herald. The fears were raised in response to the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where a variety of robot innovations were introduced on the show floor. The article highlights the concerns of Roman Alejo, a 34-year-old barista, who worries that AI could replace human workers in the industry. The recent agreement between the casino workers’ union in Las Vegas and hotel-casinos on the Strip, which included provisions for protecting workers from technology advancements, also highlighted the issue.

According to the article, AI technology has forced labor unions to rethink how they negotiate with employers. The emergence of AI and robotics has posed a risk to hospitality and service industry jobs that do not require direct interaction with customers, such as housekeeping, food preparation, and cooking. The article emphasizes that this risk is particularly acute in tourist destinations like Las Vegas, where customers expect top-notch service. The union involved in the recent negotiations, the Culinary Workers Union, has won provisions in the latest contract to protect workers if their jobs are eliminated by technology. Overall, the article raises concerns about the potential impact of AI and robotics on job security in the hospitality industry.

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