Wed. May 29th, 2024

The Recording Academy and IBM will utilize generative AI at the 2024 Grammy Awards to create content for the show’s social channels. The “AI Stories with IBM Watsonx” tool will produce text, images, animations, and videos based on real-time news and other sources. The website will also feature a widget allowing fans to make their own AI-generated content. IBM trained the AI model using data from The Recording Academy’s content and other publicly available sources. The companies plan to use AI Stories to share insights about more than 100 Grammy-nominated and -winning artists. The Academy will have humans involved to ensure accuracy and update content based on breaking news. The use of generative AI has implications for the music industry, as artists raised concerns about copyright laws and AI-generated music. The 2024 Grammys will promote IBM WatsonX’s offerings and mark the first time The Recording Academy has used a large language model to create AI content. The AI model used IBM’s WatsonX platform and Meta’s Llama 2 large language model. The model was trained using a process called retrieval augmentation generation (RAG) and few-shot learning.

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