Sun. May 26th, 2024


  • The core of entrepreneurship is value creation, and falling in love with the problem helps guide the entrepreneurial journey.
  • Emotional engagement is an important foundation for entrepreneurship, similar to falling in love.
  • Sharing your idea with others can lead to skepticism and doubt, but staying focused on the problem is key.
  • Falling in love with a problem worth solving is the beginning of a successful entrepreneurial journey.

In this article, Waze co-founder Uri Levine explains why he believes emotional engagement and value creation are crucial elements of entrepreneurship. Levine emphasizes the importance of falling in love with the problem rather than the solution, as it serves as a North Star to guide the entrepreneur’s journey and leads to fewer deviations. By remaining focused on the problem, entrepreneurs are more likely to be successful.

Levine also highlights the emotional foundation of entrepreneurship, comparing it to falling in love. Entrepreneurs typically start with a strong emotional engagement to an idea, much like the process of dating. They become passionate about their idea and willing to make sacrifices for it. Despite facing skepticism and doubt from others, entrepreneurs must stay committed and not listen to naysayers.

The journey begins with identifying a significant problem worth solving, one that would improve the world if addressed. By recognizing a common issue that affects many people, entrepreneurs can create value and attract users more effortlessly. Falling in love with the problem also prepares entrepreneurs for the sacrifices and challenges they will inevitably face.

In conclusion, falling in love with the problem, rather than the solution, is a key element of successful entrepreneurship. This emotional engagement helps make the entrepreneur’s story compelling and their fundraising efforts easier. By staying focused on the problem and remaining committed, entrepreneurs increase their chances of success.

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