Sat. May 25th, 2024

Key Points:

  • Technology expert John Goalby discussed his technology resolutions for 2024 and highlighted the technologies he wishes to delve deeper into, according to a recent article published in Medium.
  • Goalby’s list included GenAI, Python, Obsidian, Streamlit, and something graphical in nature to improve his user interface design and creative coding skills.

In his Medium article, John Goalby reflects on the technology resolutions he made for 2022 and presents his new goals for 2024. Of the 12 technologies he aimed to learn in 2022, he noted significant progress in TypeScript and AI & ML while the rest remained relatively untouched.

For 2024, Goalby developed a shorter list of technologies he aspires to learn. Topping the list is GenAI, a technology he intends to explore in depth across all available modalities, citing a high expectation for GenAI developments in 2024. Next in line is Python, a language he has been ‘using on and off for years’. His aim is to enhance his Python programming skills and explore its related technologies such as Pandas.

Goably’s third resolution revolves around Obsidian, a technology he recently started exploring. Although he knows ‘a fair amount’ about this tech, he hopes to deepen his understanding, expressing a wish that Obsidian would use Python. He became interested in Obsidian through LogSeq and the Second Brain movement but feels much remains to be understood since Obsidian’s breadth has been overwhelming.

Streamlit, a platform that Goalby finds productive and efficient, also makes his list of 2024 resolutions. He hopes to see the platform evolve and become more customizable in the new year. Concluding his list, Goalby expressed an interest in something graphical and creative, which includes user interface design and GenAI image creation.

As shared in the article, Goalby’s tech resolutions for 2024 signal a focused approach on a few selected technologies to deepen his knowledge and skills. This could suggest a trend for tech enthusiasts to become specialist rather than generalists in an ever-evolving tech world.

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