Tue. May 28th, 2024


The Set Collection has announced a partnership with Therabody, making them the first international hotel group to offer Therabody’s range of wellness products to guests. This collaboration emphasizes the hotel group’s commitment to modern wellness experiences.

The article discusses the partnership between The Set Collection and Therabody, in which Therabody’s innovative wellness products will be available to guests at the hotel group’s founding member hotels.

Therabody, known for its Theragun percussive massager, was founded in 2009 and has since developed a range of products designed to address various physical ailments, relieve stress, enhance recovery, and improve rest and mindfulness.

The partnership reflects The Set Collection’s focus on evolving with the needs of its guests, offering new ways for them to rejuvenate and relax during their stay.

Through this collaboration, The Set Collection will introduce distinctive spa treatments for the face and body, emphasizing a “High Touch, High Tech” experience that combines hands-on therapy with modern technology.

Each founding hotel within The Set Collection will have a dedicated Therabody Suite with wellness offerings, while guests in other rooms can choose from three bespoke wellness experiences tailored to their needs.

This partnership solidifies The Set Collection’s reputation as an ultra-luxury group focused on creating meaningful impacts on guests’ overall wellness.

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