Thu. May 30th, 2024


  • Leonard “Lenny” Joyce, a 2023 graduate of Highland High School, found his passion in automotive technology at Ulster BOCES.
  • Ulster BOCES Automotive Technology program provides valuable skills and industry-specific knowledge to students.

Leonard “Lenny” Joyce, a 2023 graduate of Highland High School, discovered his love for cars early on, inspired by movies like Fast and Furious. Feeling unfulfilled working at a fast food chain, he enrolled in the Automotive Technology program at Ulster BOCES as a junior. The program, designed for students with little to no experience in the field, provides a wide range of technical skills and industry-specific knowledge. Lenny’s instructor, Edwin Luther, recognized his potential and encouraged him to participate in the Capstone Internship program.

The Ulster BOCES program not only focuses on technical skills but also instills key employability skills such as communication, teamwork, and organization. Lenny’s internship at Cadillac Parts and Restoration allowed him to gain hands-on experience working on cars and preparing him for a future in the industry. After graduating in 2023, Lenny had a job waiting for him at the same establishment. He continues to work there while pursuing a Business degree at Dutchess Community College with the goal of owning his mechanic shop someday.

Lenny credits his success to the hands-on experience and mentorship he received at Ulster BOCES. His journey highlights the impact of practical education and work-based experiences in preparing students for their future careers in the automotive industry.

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