Wed. May 29th, 2024

Key Points

  • The top 10 technology posts of 2023 on Design Milk span a broad range of topics, including home theater devices, stylish coffee appliances, and modern keyboards.
  • The top post of the year was regarding the LG Smart Cottage, an energy efficient, solar-powered pre-fab residence packed with smart home appliances.

Article Summary

The intersection of design and technology continued to dominate the discourse in 2023, with top posts revolving around smart appliances, home comfort, and eco-friendly tech. The most popular technology post was the LG Smart Cottage, a pre-fab residence showcased at the IFA 2023 technology show in Berlin. The cottage featured the brand’s latest smart home appliances and integrated app-controlled features, offering a sleek, energy efficient living option.

Coffee enthusiasts were also catered for, with BALMUDA’s drip coffee maker snagging the tenth spot on the list. The Japanese brand’s appliance offered a soothing, ASMR-esque experience delivering deliciously brewed coffee. Along with this, limited edition, lime green audio equipment from Bang & Olufsen, namely the Atelier Editions earbuds, was another highlight of the year.

In the realm of smart appliances, Fractal Design received attention for its Swedish modern PCs. These gaming machines, characterized by their oak or walnut paneled face and faux leather tab, earned them the Red Dot Design Award 2023. Adding to the gaming and tech category, the large, monolithic Geistmaschine ASP Series Keyboards also earned recognition for their luxurious design and elegance.

Tiny electric trucks made waves in 2023 for their efficient and compact designs. The TELO electric truck, designed by Yves BĂ©har struck a balance between neat exterior design and a surprisingly large load capacity, along with an impressive 350-mile range. Revolutionizing energy storage, Lunar’s modular home energy storage system also featured on the list due to the ever-increasing need for household energy efficiency solutions.

In terms of leisure and travel, electric teardrop campers from both MINK-E and Boulder made the list. The former for its range of electric-powered amenities, and the latter for its unique design and EV supercharging capabilities.

Finally, the trend of creating an immersive home theater experience continued, demonstrated through the popularity of LG’s CineBeam ultra-short-throw projector. This decor-friendly device offers an enormous picture display while maintaining a living room’s aesthetic.

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