Tue. May 28th, 2024

  • Technology is aiding adults over 40 who want to enhance their physical fitness.
  • The Exercise Coach is a personal training gym that uses robotic equipment to assist in strength training.

In an evolving fitness landscape, the innovative gym is focused on catering to adults aged 40 and above. Jeff Walker, the owner, explains that those individuals often feel uneasy in traditional gyms and unsure about where to begin with exercise. However, The Exercise Coach is designed to increase participant comfort levels and understanding through technology-based fitness.

The concept behind The Exercise Coach ‘s methodology is grounded in research suggesting a massive percentage of American adults allot no free time to physical activity. The gym aims to turn this statistic around by suggesting only two 20-minute sessions per week, aligning with the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) recommendation for older adults.

Technology plays a significant role in revamping the gym experience. The Exercise Coach uses robotic equipment to track each client’s strength and progress over time. Jeff Walker states that the technology enables comparisons with previous exercise sessions to chart improvement and identify areas that need more focus.

The workout sessions are expected to supplement clients’ daily activities. Walker encourages clients to continue with their favorite activities outside the gym, giving them a holistic approach to their physical health. Meanwhile, this new approach to exercise is getting more people involved in fitness, and technology has played a pivotal role in this shift. The benefit of modern fitness tech isn’t just about expensive gym equipment, but even simple online exercise videos can provide excellent service.

Charisse Smith, a client of the gym, underlines the effectiveness of the program by sharing how she’s seen her strength and endurance goals increase. Recognizing the preventive aspect of fitness, she deems her gym membership as an investment in her current and future health.

In summary, The Exercise Coach’s tech-based approach to physical fitness attempts to address the significant issue of locational discomfort and time constraints that many older adults face in their journey towards physical fitness.

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