Tue. May 28th, 2024
  • Highlights from the week’s marketing technology news include the acquisition of WonderPush and Octolis by Brevo, Perion’s acquisition of Hivestack, and the release of Dstillery’s Audience Brief Genius.
  • Grammarly has enhanced its AI writing support while Tealium has debuted a suite of Amazon Ads integrations. Other notable developments include the use of Generative AI features in mobile, the acquisition of Koji by Linktree, and the announcement of GeneratorAI by Folloze.
  • The modern approach to B2B marketing involves a strategic reliance on high-quality data and optimal technology use for customer base expansion, signifying a departure from old practices and the necessity for a more data-driven and tech-savvy approach.

In recent news from the MarTech industry, Brevo acquired WonderPush and Octolis, while Perion further expanded its offerings by acquiring Hivestack, a leading comprehensive global Full-Stack Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) platform. Dstillery, on the other hand, launched Audience Brief Genius, a free tool built on OpenAI, which instantaneously transforms audience briefs into audience recommendations.

Grammarly moved towards providing higher quality AI writing support by integrating Generative AI features on mobile, enabling better and more efficient writing support for its users.

Furthermore, Tealium came into the limelight with its debut of a new suite of Amazon Ads Integrations that promises to enhance marketing performance with First-Party Signals. This step is especially significant in the current marketing scenario where first-party data gathering and utilization are highly prioritized given the changing data privacy regulations.

Linktree, a leading social media reference platform, made a strategic acquisition of Koji, further strengthening its platform services. The other key development includes the announcement of GeneratorAI by Folloze, which will unlock the personalized buyer experience at scale for Marketers.

In the era of digital transformation, the approach to B2B marketing has also significantly evolved. Marketing now needs to rely more strategically on high-quality data and make optimal utilization of technology for not just acquiring but expanding the customer bases as well. This reflects the changing times and emphasizes the necessity for marketers to embrace a more data-driven and tech-savvy approach, leaving behind old habits.

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