Wed. May 29th, 2024

TCL Electronics has announced that it will showcase its leading technology portfolio at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2024. The company will demonstrate over 100 cutting-edge products across 15 different categories, including QD-Mini LED TVs, TCL FreshIN air conditioners, and feature-rich mobile devices. The company will also present its latest breakthroughs in display technology and unveil one of the world’s largest QD-Mini LED TVs. In addition, TCL will introduce smart connected mobile device entertainment solutions that combine smartphones, tablets, and smart glasses.

TCL has seen consistent growth throughout 2023, with its TVs ranking first in overall shipment in several countries including the Philippines, Australia, Myanmar, and Pakistan. The shipment of TCL TVs in the North American region also increased by 11.4% year over year, making it the third highest-shipped brand in the United States. TCL smartphones ranked in the top three for Android phone shipment in North America. The company will also highlight its commitment to environmental, social, and governance initiatives.

TCL’s presence at CES 2024 demonstrates its standing as a leading consumer electronics brand and its dedication to innovation and technological advancements. By showcasing its wide-ranging product portfolio, TCL aims to inspire greatness and provide consumers with the latest and most advanced technology.

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