Tue. May 28th, 2024
  • TAILG, a China-based leading manufacturer of electric two-wheelers, has launched advanced sodium-ion battery technology.
  • The cutting-edge technology features exceptional long-range capabilities, extended warranties, improved low-temperature resistance, and enhanced safety.
  • TAILG’s luxury e-bikes will be the first to be equipped with these batteries in China, marking a significant milestone in the electric two-wheelers sector.
  • The global electric two-wheeler market is growing at an annual rate of over 20%. However, ‘range anxiety’ – the fear of running out of charge before reaching the destination – is hampered by the sector’s progress. TAILG’s new sodium-ion battery technology aims to tackle this problem, ensuring improved performance and longer range.

    The battery boasts several notable features, including a super long range of 115 kilometers even in temperatures below 0°C, a lifecycle that exceeds 2,000 cycles (5-7 times longer than conventional lead-acid batteries), and exceptional performance in extreme cold of -20°C. Furthermore, its safety is ensured by IPX7-grade waterproof technology.

    By introducing this new technology to its luxury e-bike range, TAILG is set to target the mid-to-premium consumer market. The company plans to utilise its pioneering position in the electric two-wheelers segment equipped with advanced sodium-ion batteries to develop a holistic ecosystem consisting of research and development (R&D), products, and marketing, positioning TAILG for a competitive edge in the sodium-ion battery market.

    As part of its future plans, TAILG has expressed intentions to broaden its global reach, aligning with its mission to become a worldwide leading brand. In line with this goal, TAILG will rely on its solid manufacturing and supply chain capabilities to extend its global footprint in intelligent manufacturing.

    In recognition of its efforts, the world-renowned growth strategy consultancy firm, Frost & Sullivan, named TAILG as one of the global pioneers in long-range electric two-wheelers. The company has also been certified under China’s long-range electric vehicle standards, further bolstering its position as an industry exemplar.

    TAILG is also a key player in promoting sustainable electric mobility solutions worldwide. The company works in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and is the exclusive supplier of electric two-wheelers to the United Nations.

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