Wed. May 29th, 2024
  • TAILG, an electric two-wheeler global leader, has announced the release of its advanced sodium-ion battery technology for electric two-wheelers.
  • The technology offers excellent long-range capabilities, elevated warranties, advanced low-temperature resistance, and improved safety.
  • The luxury e-bikes from TAILG will be the first to host these sodium-ion batteries, and initially, they will be available only in China.
  • This significant development follows the global launch at the China (Beijing) Light Electric Vehicle Battery Forum and signifies TAILG’s commitment to long-range solutions.

TAILG’s new battery technology overcomes the ‘range anxiety’ that notably inhibits the industry’s progress due its capability to accomplish 115 kilometers distance even at temperatures below 0°C, while maintaining a speed of 25km/h. The resultant lifecycle succeeds 2,000 cycles, thus lasting 5-7 times longer than common lead-acid batteries. The battery maintains about 93% capacity even under extreme cold conditions (up to -20°C), making it amazingly fitting for winter use. Its safety performance surpasses the industry norms because of the IPX7-grade waterproof technology safeguarding the entire pack.

To capitalize on its first-mover advantage, TAILG aims to form a comprehensive ecosystem including research and development, products, and marketing. This will position TAILG systematically for a competitive edge in the sodium-ion battery market.

TAILG was recently recognized as a global pioneer of long-range solutions by Frost & Sullivan, a reputed growth strategy consulting firm. This announcement was after TAILG received certification under China’s long-range electric vehicle standards, which permits a 100km travel on just 1 kWh of electricity – thus establishing TAILG as a market exemplar in the adoption of innovative standards.

TAILG partners with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) on global electric mobility projects. Being the exclusive supplier of electric two-wheelers to the United Nations further bolsters its global footprint. This advancement symbolizes the company’s commencement into a new era of long-range electric two-wheelers.

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