Thu. May 30th, 2024

Star GB held an open house event at its facility in Derby, UK, where the company showcased its latest sliding head lathes and bar feeders, as well as a fixed head machine. One of the new machines on display was the SP-23, a 7-axis sliding head lathe that is designed to be compact and flexible, making it suitable for manufacturers looking to take their first steps in sliding head machining. The machine features an eight-station front turning platen and a seven-spindle cross drilling/milling inner tool post, allowing for more tooling cartridges and a wider variety of parts to be machined in one hit. It can accommodate bar diameters up to 1 inch and offers rapid feeds and high power.

The second new machine was the SD-26 Type E, a 9-axis guide bush/non-guide bush machine that can accommodate more than 40 tools. It features a ten tool capacity backworking toolpost located at the rear of the cutting area, allowing for faster changeovers and more room for automation. The back platen is located at the rear, allowing for better access and the ability to front eject longer parts. Finally, the company also showcased its FMB bar feeders, which are designed to be robust and well-made and can be used for both guide bush and non-guide bush applications. The feeders provide support around the rear of the spindle, improving performance and efficiency.

The open house event was attended by over 180 pre-registered visitors and provided an opportunity for Star GB to present its latest technologies and innovations in the sliding headstock lathe market. While the company is primarily known as a sliding head specialist, it is also the sole agent for FMB bar feeders and JBS compensating guide bush systems in the UK. The open house event also marked the launch of a new fixed head machine, the SK-51 Type A, which features an 8-axis, 51mm capacity and a 45° slant bed design for efficient swarf evacuation. The machine has twin turrets, twin spindles, and a FANUC iHMI control system with touchscreen.

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