Thu. May 30th, 2024


  • Chicago’s contract with ShotSpotter technology has been extended through Sept. 22, 2024.
  • The extension allows for continued gunshot detection services in the city.

In a recent development, the city of Chicago has reached an agreement with SoundThinking, the company behind ShotSpotter technology, to extend the contract for gunshot detection services through Sept. 22, 2024. The contract was set to expire on Friday, but the extension will allow for a two-month transition period following this date. This decision aims to avoid any disruption in the critical ShotSpotter service to the citizens of Chicago.

The agreement also involves collaboration between SoundThinking and the Chicago Police Department to enhance metrics and analytics for transparency and reporting purposes. This move comes amidst mixed opinions about the effectiveness of ShotSpotter technology in combating crime and the recent leaked report from the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office indicating a low rate of arrests from ShotSpotter incidents.

Despite these concerns, many have highlighted the positive impact of ShotSpotter in detecting gunshots quickly and potentially saving lives. Former Chicago Police Chief of Detectives, Eugene Roy, emphasized the value of this tool in linking crimes together and providing a head start for investigators.

While some have expressed skepticism about the surveillance aspect of ShotSpotter, others like Asiaha Butler, CEO of the Resident Organization of Greater Englewood, acknowledge its role in helping solve crimes in their communities. Moving forward, the city plans to assess various safety tools and programs to address gun violence and enhance the trust between law enforcement and the community.

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