Thu. May 30th, 2024


Alice Xiang, global head of AI ethics at Sony, believes that generative AI has the potential to play fair and center creators. Xiang emphasizes responsible data collection as a key element in the development of AI systems. She argues that addressing ethical concerns at the data collection stage is crucial for issues such as consent, privacy, fairness, and intellectual property. Xiang also advocates for a more creator-centric approach to generative AI, where artists have control over how their data is used and are compensated for its use. She acknowledges the challenges of implementing strict ethical standards but believes that a balance can be struck between protecting rights and enabling technological advancements.

Key points:

  • AI ethicist Alice Xiang sees responsible data collection as vital to address ethical concerns in AI development
  • Human-centric computer vision is a sensitive area due to the potential privacy and fairness issues related to biometric information
  • She highlights the need for better practices in data curation, including purpose statements, informed consent, and considerations for vulnerable individuals
  • New AI regulations and governance initiatives have increased the relevance and visibility of AI ethics within organizations like Sony
  • Xiang encourages the development of generative AI models that are more creator-centric, providing consent and compensation for artists
  • She acknowledges the difficulty of implementing strict ethical standards but emphasizes the importance of finding a balance between protecting rights and technological advancements

Original article:

Why Rip Off Creatives, If Generative AI Can Play Fair? – IEEE Spectrum

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