Wed. May 29th, 2024


Key Points:

  • SkyWater Technology shares gapped up to $9.51 before the market opened on Monday.
  • The stock last traded at $10.97 with a volume of 447,600 shares.

In the article “SkyWater Technology (NASDAQ:SKYT) Shares Gap Up to $9.51” published by MarketBeat, it is highlighted that the company, SkyWater Technology, operates as a technology foundry providing semiconductor development and manufacturing services. The article discusses the gap up in share price before the market opening and provides insights on analyst ratings, stock performance, insider activity, institutional flows, and details about the company.

Analysts’ opinions on SkyWater Technology are shared, with Needham & Company LLC decreasing the price target on the stock to $13.00 and Piper Sandler lowering it to $9.00. The stock was trading at a 17.8% increase with a 50-day moving average of $9.19 and a 200-day moving average of $7.36.

Insider activity includes CEO Thomas Sonderman and Director Loren A. Unterseher selling shares, while institutional inflows and outflows show modifications in holdings by hedge funds and investors. Notable institutional investors include Allspring Global Investments Holdings LLC, Tower Research Capital LLC, and UBS Group AG.

SkyWater Technology, with a market capitalization of $526.74 million and a beta of 4.30, is engaged in semiconductor manufacturing services for various applications. CEO Sonderman’s recent share sale transactions are detailed, providing insights into the company’s financial activities. The article also notes the SEC filings for these transactions.

Overall, the article offers a comprehensive overview of SkyWater Technology, discussing key financial aspects, stock performance, analyst recommendations, insider transactions, and institutional investments, giving readers a detailed insight into the company’s current position in the market.

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