Thu. May 30th, 2024

• Tenaris, a company with over a 100 years of experience, has been consolidating its technical expertise to develop reliable low carbon energy solutions in the face of climate change, while also decarbonising its own operations.

• The company, which set a medium-term target in February 2021 to reduce its carbon emissions intensity rate by 30% by 2030, has launched THeraâ„¢ – Tenaris Hydrogen era, its proprietary products and materials technology for hydrogen applications.

Recognizing that the industry is moving toward two standard pressure levels for hydrogen vehicles with 350 bar and 700 bar respectively requiring 500 and 1,000 bar stationary storage, Tenaris has been focusing on creating flexible and reliable solutions to ensure performance under high working pressures.

Tenaris introduced THera in 2021, which includes hydrogen storage systems designed to handle high pressures, tube trailers customised for reliable transport, onshore and offshore pipelines to safely carry up to 100% hydrogen, and a selection of solutions for sectors such as refineries, hydrocarbons, and green/blue hydrogen processing.

THera technology combines materials, testing, life assessments, connections, and numerical designs to enable storage systems in a hydrogen environment. The major benefits of employing the THera storage system include its full customizability, verified fatigue life, durability, and complete recyclability.

Apart from focusing on hydrogen distribution and storage for refuelling stations, Tenaris offers a broad array of products backed by its lengthy experience in the production of large vessels. The company remains committed to its drive to develop low-carbon energy applications beyond its push to decarbonise its operations.

Tenaris underscores the importance of sustainable and low carbon operations in the combat against climate change. With THera, the company continues to explore and invest in innovative solutions that shape the future of sustainable and reliable energy alternatives.

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