Wed. May 29th, 2024

Technology is increasingly playing a role in helping adults over 40 get into shape. Personal training gym, the Exercise Coach, is utilizing robotic equipment for strength training amongst this demographic. The initiative targets those who might feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed in traditional gym settings. By offering two 20-minute sessions per week, the program keeps older adults physically active, complementing their usual activities. Additionally, the tech-based equipment tracks progress over time, allowing users to keep track of their strength and fitness improvements.

The program has reportedly yielded positive results for users. A client of the gym, Charisse Smith, commented that since beginning the program she’s observed notable increases in her strength and endurance. Furthermore, Smith suggests technology itself can be a motivating factor for people like her, simplifying otherwise complex tasks and making fitness efforts more manageable and rewarding.

Owner of the Exercise Coach, Jeff Walker, agrees that the short but intense workout sessions they provide can inspire many people to become active, therefore contributing toward their regular fitness activities. With the ability to track client’s progress, Walker notes, individuals can easily see where they might be falling short of their previous goals, thus creating a drive to improve.

Jill Kanaley, a nutrition and exercise physiology professor at MU, suggests that while starting can be the most challenging step, the diverse forms of exercise made available through technology can be the perfect motivational push for those apprehensive about using gym facilities. She believes technology can simplify the process of becoming physically fit and can easily be supplemented with other fitness practices like outdoor activities. This contemporary approach to fitness doesn’t have to involve additional costs and can be as straightforward as following an online exercise video.

Looking forward, Kanaley expects technology to continue playing a vital role in promoting physical fitness. In the case of Smith, the Exercise Coach’s initiative is not just about the present, but a long-term health investment to avoid potential healthcare costs in the future. For her, every gym session is a chance to beat her personal best.

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