Wed. May 29th, 2024


  • The article suggests implementing a one penny charge for each digital message sent to reduce data consumption and its environmental impact.
  • The author believes that this small charge would make people think more carefully about their digital communication habits.

In a world where digital communication has become the norm, the article “A penny per email could curb our enormous data use” by Mike McClelland explores the idea of implementing a small charge for each digital message sent. McClelland highlights the significant energy consumption and carbon emissions associated with data storage, particularly in light of the seemingly endless stream of emails, texts, and WhatsApp messages that are sent daily.

The author suggests that by adding a one penny charge for each message sent, individuals would become more mindful of their digital communication habits, especially in group messages and emails. Additionally, McClelland proposes a two penny charge for messages with attachments and a three penny charge for messages with digital photos, aiming to reduce unnecessary digital clutter.

While acknowledging the impact of datacentres on power consumption, the article also addresses the issue of wasteful emails that provide unnecessary updates, such as notifications about a delivered parcel. The proposed solution of implementing a small charge for digital messages aims to not only reduce data consumption but also raise funds to counter the environmental impact.

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