Sat. May 25th, 2024


  • Satyukt Analytics helps farmers get better yields using satellite data from NASA, ESA, and other sources.
  • They use open-source satellite data, machine learning, and a mobile app to provide crucial information to farmers.

Bengaluru-based Satyukt Analytics is revolutionizing agriculture by leveraging satellite data from NASA, ESA, and other space agencies to help farmers improve their yield. The company uses advanced technology to combine data sources and interpret them for farmers to address key pain points such as fertiliser usage, pests and diseases, and water resource management. By analyzing soil quality, moisture, and other data from satellite sources, Satyukt is able to provide accurate recommendations to farmers through a mobile app.

Founder and CEO, Sat Kumar Tomer, a PhD holder in Hydrology and Water Resource Sciences, leads the company in providing affordable solutions to small and marginal farmers in India. Satyukt’s service, costing around Rs 100 per acre per month, has over 55,000 users benefiting from the technology. By partnering with over 300 channel partners, the company aims to reach even more farmers and address the challenges faced by the agricultural sector.

With a focus on using open-source data, machine learning, and field expertise, Satyukt exemplifies how startups can harness space technology to solve real-life problems. By democratizing access to advanced agricultural analytics, Satyukt is paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient farming industry in India.

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