Thu. May 30th, 2024

In this article, Daniel Vanhemelrijck, a seasoned salesperson in the materials handling industry, reflects on how technology and industry evolution have changed the sales game over the last four decades. Vanhemelrijck began his career in 1985, when there were no mobile phones, laptops, or computers. He highlights how the introduction of technology, such as mobile devices and the internet, has transformed the way salespeople work.

Vanhemelrijck also discusses the changes in the industry itself, noting the increase in competition and the emergence of new brands. He highlights the shift in customer priorities, with price no longer being the main buying factor. Instead, customers now place more importance on parts availability and service.

Throughout his career, Vanhemelrijck emphasizes the importance of understanding the needs of customers and building relationships with them. He advises salespeople to know their products, show their passion to customers, and focus on selling the value of the products rather than just the price.

In conclusion, Vanhemelrijck reflects on his retirement after almost four decades in the materials handling business. He acknowledges the changes brought about by technology and industry evolution and expresses gratitude for the friendships he has made throughout his career.

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