Tue. May 28th, 2024

In this article, the author discusses the shifts and disruptions that are expected to occur in technology, business, and work in the year 2024. The key elements highlighted in the article include:

  • The evolving landscape of software development, with low-code platforms, microservices, and observability tools playing a crucial role in managing complexity and accelerating development.
  • The impact of remote work on the way we work, with companies embracing remote work policies and employees demanding location flexibility and autonomy.
  • The funding trends and opportunities in the startup ecosystem, with a focus on climate solutions, healthcare access platforms, and underserved markets.
  • The emergence of new technologies like large language models and decentralized architectures, which have the potential to transform industries.

The author emphasizes the need for adaptability in the face of constant change and the importance of management innovation in leading dispersed teams. The article concludes by inviting readers to share their perspectives on the future and the trends that will impact their businesses.

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