Tue. May 28th, 2024
  • Riyadh Air has joined forces with global professional services company Accenture to build its core technology capabilities.
  • As part of a three-year strategic agreement, Accenture will assist in establishing Riyadh Air’s cloud-based infrastructure, cybersecurity facilities, and operational services ahead of the airline’s launch.
  • Harnessing modern technologies such as AI and cloud data, Riyadh Air aims to be the world’s first digitally native airline, providing a seamless travel experience for passengers and employees alike and offering over 100 destinations by 2030.

Adam Boukadida, Riyadh Air’s chief financial officer, stated that Riyadh Air as a digitally native airline will pioneer innovation and technology, enabling first-class service to their customers. The partnership with Accenture is critical in delivering, securing, and operating the foundational capabilities behind astounding user experience and robust operations.

Riyadh Air’s unique cloud-first strategy and architecture, with Accenture’s aid, ensures its technology stack is future-proof, legacy-free, and built with high-level cybersecurity and automation in mind from its inception.

Accenture’s senior managing director and head of Travel practice worldwide, Emily Weiss, recognized Riyadh Air’s launch as a remarkable feat for the aviation sector. She expressed pride in partnering with Riyadh Air in shaping travel’s future, using Accenture’s vast industry and digital experiences.

Riyadh Air, as a digitally native airline, is also aligned with PIF’s mandate to utilize key sectors’ potentials in diversifying Saudi Arabia’s economy. The National Tourism Strategy and Saudi Aviation Strategy will benefit from the new airline’s establishment, opening Saudi Arabia’s natural and cultural attractions to international tourists and creating job opportunities.

Accenture boasts unparalleled capabilities in technology, cloud, data, and AI. This strength and their robust industry experience, functional expertise, and global delivery capability uniquely position them to create substantial results. Accenture’s success is measured by the value they create for their clients, partners, shareholders, and communities.

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