Wed. May 29th, 2024
  • The Orlando Science Center is developing a new multimillion-dollar nature exhibit called ‘Life’.
  • The exhibit, set to open in spring, combines nature, technology and playful design to create an immersive, educational experience.
  • The 13,000-square-foot exhibit will house over 300 animals from 100 species, five times as many as previously housed in the science center.

The ‘Life’ exhibit is designed to engage visitors with all aspects of nature. It will feature three sections representing the ocean, rainforest, and swamp, each housing a variety of species. For example, the rainforest area will host free-flying birds, sloths, agouti, and tamarin monkeys, complete with a 17-foot waterfall and playground-style vines for the monkeys to use.

Seeking to create a more intimate experience, the exhibit is designed to bring visitors closer to the animals, eschewing traditional glass enclosures and instead encouraging close interaction between visitors and the animals residing in ‘Life’.

‘Life’ also integrates technology, using digital displays to educate visitors about the animals’ biology. An interactive, projection-based storybook forms part of the exhibit, with touching and turning its pages launching videos, noises, and other effects to provide related information. In addition, the use of UV lighting will mimic natural sunlight, providing essential UV radiation for reptiles in the exhibit.

The exhibit’s creators hope that the exhibit will inspire empathy in the visitors and prompt them to take care of the creatures with which they share the planet. As Shannon Zimmerman, curator of conservation and welfare, explained, Zimmerman said, “We’re a science center, we want to be teaching … so all of the biology of animals is included in all the digital displays as well”.

With ‘Life’, the Orlando Science Center combines technology, design, education, and animal conservation to create a unique exhibit aimed at creating lasting connections between humans and nature.

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