Sat. May 25th, 2024

OpenText has announced the release of OpenText Cloud Edition 24.1, which includes new generative AI capabilities for its OpenText Content Aviator. The update brings features like document analysis, summarisation, translation and business workspace automation, allowing users to focus on more value-driven tasks. OpenText has also integrated Aviator with OpenText Extended ECM, enhancing the search for relevant information. The company has also added support for cloud and off-cloud customers and introduced Aviator Thrust Studio, which offers tools for efficient application deployment.

Expanded Aviator GenAI Capabilities:

OpenText Content Aviator, which leverages generative AI to solve complex information management issues, has been integrated with OpenText Extended ECM. This integration brings generative AI capabilities to document analysis, summarisation and translation, enabling users to find relevant information more quickly.

OpenText has also extended generative AI features to all customers, including those using cloud and off-cloud services. This enhancement to OpenText Service Management Automation X allows AI chatbots to be used in IT service management while ensuring data privacy and ethical response controls. The company has introduced Aviator Thrust Studio to support developers, with tools for efficient application deployment and automated CI/CD pipeline integration.

Other Notable CE 24.1 Features:

In addition to the Aviator enhancements, OpenText Cloud Edition 24.1 offers other features that will interest IT professionals. The update integrates OpenText Vertica analytical database with OpenText Magellan BI and Reporting, providing enhanced analytical performance at an unlimited scale for cloud-based enterprise business intelligence.

OpenText has also added a pre-built and configurable Microsoft Dynamics 365 EDI integration adapter to help accelerate time-to-revenue for the supply chain. This adapter enhances connectivity between internal systems and external trading partners within the OpenText Business Network Cloud. The release also includes OpenText Voltage Fusion, which seamlessly combines data discovery, classification, and insights with data security and usage monitoring to manage sensitive data and address data privacy and governance challenges.

The update brings AI-driven enhancements to IT service management, addressing the need for operational efficiency. OpenText has also extended capabilities from OpenText Qfiniti Explore to CCaaS solution providers like Sinch, offering valuable customer insights.

The updates in OpenText Cloud Editions 24.1 signify a substantial progression in the company’s digital transformation strategy, showcasing a broadened scope of innovation across its product suite. Aviator’s integration into OpenText’s Extended ECM platform brings generative AI to the forefront of document and workspace management, demonstrating a clear understanding of the need for speed and automation in today’s business environments. The release also includes updates that address supply-chain efficiency, enhanced BI capabilities, new DevOps tools, and privacy and governance.

OpenText continues to deliver rapid innovation to the market, positioning itself as a leader in digital transformation solutions. The company is well-positioned to help organisations navigate the complexities of the digital era and derive value from data.

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