Wed. May 29th, 2024

The Oklahoma City Police Department (OCPD) is implementing a new technology to combat crime in real-time. The new tool, called the Real Time Information Center, enables crime analysts to monitor hundreds of cameras placed throughout the city, including at major intersections, businesses, and homes. It has already proven useful in various situations, such as locating an Amber Alert suspect and identifying hit-and-run suspects.

  • The OCPD uses the Real Time Information Center to watch over public spaces and stay in contact with officers on the streets.
  • Analysts can read car tags and use cameras to catch suspects.
  • The technology is also equipped with maps of metro schools, which can provide officers with precise location information during school incidents.
  • The system is seen as a vital tool for a department grappling with recruitment and retention difficulties.

Major Jason Samuel of the OCPD explained the benefits of the technology citing an incident where an Alzheimer’s patient who had left in a vehicle was safely found, using the real-time information system. He also mentioned its use in schools, where it can provide a map to officers responding to a disturbance, helping them reach the scene as quickly as possible.

The technology provides investigators with a significant edge in solving cases. Chief Wade Gourley of the OCPD emphasized that the technology isn’t about surveillance but is a necessity for operational effectiveness. “You have to learn to do more with less and technology allows you to do that,” he said. He further explained that real-time information can guide them in building their cases, significantly reducing man hours.

Members of the public can register their home and business security cameras at to help the police in their crime-fighting efforts.

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