Tue. May 28th, 2024
  • Global Infrastructure and Services Company, NTT Limited has published key technology predictions for 2024.
  • Predictions include the growth of ‘Dark NOC’ in networking, investment in disruptive energy supplies in data centers, IoT and P5G ecosystems, and the importance of human skills for AI adoption.

NTT Limited, Dimension Data’s parent company, has laid out key emerging trends for 2024. These include the move towards a fully automated Network Operations Center, known as a ‘Dark NOC’, driven by advances in AIOps (Artificial Intelligence Operations). Alongside automation, human skills will be vital to the success of ‘Dark NOC’, with a focus on upskilling and an understanding of where automation assists and where human talent is still necessary.

In the area of data centre infrastructure, NTT predicts that AI will lead investment in more disruptive energy supplies. In recent years, AI acceleration has led to power consumption doubling and tripling. To counter this, more enterprises will collaborate with energy suppliers to explore sustainable options. NTT itself is already implementing techniques like liquid immersion cooling and solar panels in space to power its data centres.

The company forecasts greater emphasis on green initiatives, as sustainability is expected to have an increased impact on technological decision-making processes in corporations. For example, in Germany from 2024 onwards, half the electricity used in data centres must come from renewable sources, and by 2027 this must increase to 100%. Enterprises will therefore be more likely to adopt new technologies such as Private 5G networks to support ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives.

Optical networking is anticipated to become more mainstream, with recent trials achieving impressive 1.2Tbps transmission rates. Enterprises, seeking to modernise networks in alignment with existing and emerging challenges, are turning to optical technologies. Furthermore, IoT, Private 5G, and edge computing are expected to result in real-time insights and better decision-making for organisations. NTT and its partners are working on developing 5G-enabled devices to support a range of industries.

Despite a majority of organisations planning to integrate AI into Customer Experience (CX) within the next year, human skills will still play a central role. Organisations will need to address skills shortages that could hinder AI implementation. Lastly, NTT foresees a rise in vertical specific clouds that bundle software, Platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) to deliver industry-focused use cases.

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