Thu. May 30th, 2024



  • NIO’s HK shares rose 4.5% after a technology licensing deal with Forseven Ltd.
  • NIO Technology (Anhui) Co entered into the agreement with Forseven, giving them a global license to use NIO’s technical information and software.

NIO Inc’s Hong Kong shares experienced their biggest one-day rise in 5 weeks after announcing a technology licensing deal with Forseven Ltd. The agreement involves NIO Technology (Anhui) Co granting Forseven a global license to utilize NIO’s technical information and software for the research and development, manufacturing, and distribution of vehicles. This news led to a 4.5% increase in NIO’s HK shares, with the stock also rising by 4.6% on the U.S. market. The Hang Seng Tech Index climbed 0.1% following this announcement. Hong Kong shares of NIO had been on a decline but managed to reverse the trend with this positive development. Overall, this deal signifies a strategic move for NIO to expand its technological reach and potentially strengthen its position in the electric vehicle market.


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