Sun. May 26th, 2024
  • Companies are prioritizing Internet of Things (IoT) technology improvements and launching new proof of concepts (PoCs).
  • News mainly centers on PoCs, partnerships, and deals involving other technologies like private networks that may include IoT elements.
  • Deals and agreements have been struck by multiple companies, including Orange Business and Telefónica, for the integration and connection of IoT solutions across various sectors.
  • 5G technology trials to improve IoT technology are being pursued by companies like Telefónica Tech, T-Mobile US, and Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier.
  • New services being unveiled include Deutsche Telekom IoT’s new store for IoT devices and services and Verizon Business’s Global IoT eSIM solution.
  • A range of companies are using IoT technology to create safer vehicle systems, early warning systems for natural disasters, and improved management of resources.

IoT technology continues to evolve with recent collaborations between Orange Business with King Abdullah Financial District Development & Management Company to design and run a Smart City Platform at Saudi Arabia’s KAFD. Telefónica and satellite IoT provider Skylo Technologies also announced an agreement for the establishment of a 5G roaming connection from space, which could enable global Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) connectivity through Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite. T-Mobile US and Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier have completed successful testing of 5G Standalone (SA) roaming, noting that SA roaming is important for supporting large-scale IoT deployments.

New IoT services are also being unveiled with Deutsche Telekom IoT showcasing its new IoT Store for packaged devices and services. Verizon Business introduced a Global IoT eSIM solution called Global IoT Orchestration. This service allows devices operating internationally to connect via an eSIM profile from an international carrier partner.

IoT technology is being used to address numerous significant issues. Deutsche Telekom and Kärcher are integrating 4G IoT connectivity into autonomous cleaning robots for digital fleet management. T-Mobile is assisting the US Department of Natural Resources with AI technology that utilizes the T-Mobile 5G network for early detection and monitoring of wildfires. Additionally, Vodafone is working with Dinamica Generale to connect sensors in animal feeding, agricultural applications, and livestock weighing systems.

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