Wed. May 29th, 2024

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Accused of Ignoring Antisemitism


  • MIT accused of ignoring complaints of antisemitic discrimination
  • US House Committee hearing reveals testimonies of students experiencing antisemitism on campus

Massachusetts Institute of Technology has come under fire for allegedly ignoring numerous complaints of antisemitic discrimination on campus. During a recent “round table” meeting held by the US House Committee on Education and the Workforce, testimonies from students, including Talia Khan, shed light on the issue of antisemitism within the university.

Khan described a campus overrun by terrorist supporters who threaten the lives of Jewish students, with the administration failing to address these concerns. Reports of violence against Jewish supporters of Israel were allegedly brushed off, leading to a climate of fear and alienation among Jewish students, staff, and faculty.

The committee also heard statements from Jewish students at various other universities, all highlighting the need for action against campus antisemitism. Tulane University student, Yasmeen Ohebsion, emphasized the importance of tangible actions to combat hate speech, while UC Berkeley student, Hannah Schlacter, called for legislation holding universities accountable for discrimination.

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