Wed. May 29th, 2024


  • Google launches Gemma, its new open AI model, designed for developers
  • Gemma models run on a laptop, workstation, or Google Cloud, using NVIDIA GPUs and Google Cloud TPUs for performance

Tech giant Google has recently launched Gemma, a new open AI model designed for developers. Gemma consists of model weights in two sizes, Gemma 2B and Gemma 7B, which have pre-trained and instruction-tuned variants and are suitable for small work-based tasks such as chatbots or summarizations. The models can run on various platforms including laptops, workstations, and Google Cloud, using NVIDIA GPUs and Google Cloud TPUs for optimal performance.

Gemma is built for responsible AI development, utilizing the same research and technology used to create Gemini models. Gemini, Google’s largest and most capable model, has been responsible for mastering human-style conversations, language, content, images, code, and data analytics. To ensure responsible AI usage, Google has released a Responsible Generative AI Toolkit alongside the Gemma launch.

Although Gemma is not open source, Google is demonstrating a commitment to open models for AI by providing developers with easier access to AI technology while prioritizing safety and responsibility. This move aligns with the company’s history of supporting responsible open source and science, driving rapid research progress in the field of AI development.

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