Thu. May 30th, 2024


  • Lemko partners with Wytec Intl to enhance small cell capabilities with 4G LTE & 5G mobile wireless deployments.
  • Wytec’s AI and ML technologies will expand mobile wireless offerings to education and public safety sectors.

Lemko Corporation has announced a technology partnership with Wytec International to enhance small cell capabilities for mobile wireless deployments. This partnership will involve incorporating Wytec’s patented LPN-16 small cell with Lemko’s CBRS multi-frequency modules to support 4G LTE & 5G deployments. Additionally, Wytec’s smart sensor solution will be integrated into Lemko’s commercial products. The collaboration aims to bring advanced technology solutions to the education and public safety sectors, including applications like remote learning, gunshot detection, and THC sensor technology.

Wytec’s Chief Technology Officer, Robert Sanchez, highlighted the partnership’s potential to offer innovative solutions for schools and communities. The joint efforts of Lemko and Wytec will focus on enhancing safety and delivering reliable mobile wireless networks. Lemko’s Distributed Mobile Architecture (DMA) platform, known for its resiliency and simplicity, will play a key role in these developments. The companies will showcase their advancements at the World Mobile Conference in Barcelona, Spain.

Overall, the partnership between Lemko and Wytec signifies a significant step towards improving small cell capabilities and expanding mobile wireless offerings to critical sectors like education and public safety. By leveraging each other’s technologies and expertise, the companies aim to create advanced solutions that enhance safety and connectivity for communities and organizations.

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