Thu. May 30th, 2024


  • Hezbollah has unveiled missiles equipped with optical homing, posing a significant threat with their precision.
  • The missiles, known as Almas, use Israeli technology and Iranian engineering, capable of striking targets with precision through smart optical guidance even without seeing the target at launch.

Hezbollah’s new missile, the Almas, utilizes optically guided technology that originated in Nazi Germany and was later adopted and improved by the United States. These missiles are capable of hitting targets with Olympic sharpshooter accuracy, even without a direct line of sight. Iranian engineers have reverse-engineered the technology from a captured IDF launcher, resulting in the production and distribution of the Almas missile to Iranian proxy armies.

The Almas missiles have multiple variants, each with different features and capabilities, such as the ability to be mounted on drones or vehicles. The IDF has implemented countermeasures against these missiles, including active protection systems like Trophy. While the Almas provides Hezbollah with a precise strike capability, it is not considered a game-changer, and its extensive use will likely be reserved for specific scenarios.

International efforts are being made to secure agreements between Israel and Hezbollah to de-escalate tensions, but the threat of the Almas and similar missiles continues to loom. Engineers in Iran are working to extend the range of the Almas missile, posing a continued threat to Israel’s border communities. It is crucial to remain vigilant and prepared against these advanced missiles to ensure the safety and security of the region.

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