Wed. May 29th, 2024

Illinois Tech has received a significant grant from the National Science Foundation to launch a new education program in sensory technology, focusing on underrepresented groups, particularly veterans. The program, called Sensor Technology for Experiential Learning, aims to prepare students for industries such as healthcare, defense, space, and environmental control. It is a nine-credit certificate program that combines mentorship and hands-on training in sensor science and technology. While the program is open to all students, only veterans will be eligible for tuition coverage under the grant.

The program is designed to complement a student’s chosen degree path or a veteran’s experience with specific knowledge of sensor technology. It will provide training in areas such as advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, environmental control, and semiconductor and microelectronics.

The program will be led by Illinois Tech Professor of Chemistry Rong Wang and will also involve Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Erdal Oruklu, Professor of Psychology Eun-Jeong Lee, and Department of Chemistry Chair Yuanbing Mao. The program will consist of three courses to be completed in eight to 12 months, including an internship at one of six local partner companies.

The grant from the NSF’s Experiential Learning for Emerging and Novel Technologies program demonstrates Illinois Tech’s commitment to critical future technologies and expanding education to groups that have historically faced barriers.

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