Wed. May 29th, 2024

The Department of Energy’s Heliostat Consortium is offering $3 million in funding for projects aimed at reducing the cost of heliostat technologies. Heliostats are a component of concentrating solar-thermal power systems. The funding is being provided to projects that support research in areas including advanced manufacturing, metrology and standards, components and controls, field deployment, techno-economic analysis, and resources, training, and education. The solicitation for proposals will remain open until February 16th. The projects resulting from this funding opportunity will contribute to the widespread deployment of concentrating solar-thermal power and help the U.S. achieve its 2050 decarbonization targets.

The Heliostat Consortium is led by the DOE and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and is supported by partners at Sandia National Laboratories and the Australian Solar Thermal Research Institute. In 2023, the consortium awarded $3.5 million for seven research projects in the field of heliostat technology. This new funding opportunity is part of ongoing efforts to advance heliostat technology and make it more affordable. Lowering the cost of heliostat technologies is crucial for achieving widespread adoption of concentrating solar-thermal power systems and achieving decarbonization goals.

The projects supported by this funding opportunity will not only drive advancements in heliostat technology but also contribute to the expansion of the workforce in the heliostat industry. The demand for skilled workers in the industry is expected to grow as the adoption of concentrating solar-thermal power systems increases. The funding provided by the Heliostat Consortium will help accelerate the development of innovative solutions and technologies in the field of heliostats, contributing to the growth of the industry and the achievement of clean energy targets.

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