Thu. May 30th, 2024


  • Reports show U.S.-made components found in North Korean and Iranian military equipment fired by Russia.
  • Sanctions against countries like Russia expanded, leading to illegal export networks being disrupted.

Stopping the Illegal Export of U.S. Military Technology Article Summary…

Last month, reports revealed that North Korean ballistic missiles fired by the Russian military in Ukraine contained U.S.-made components, sparking concerns about the illegal export of U.S. military technology. Another report from 2023 found that Iranian-made drones with U.S.-made components were also used by Russia.

The U.S. has imposed sanctions on countries like Russia, North Korea, Iran, and others to prevent the illegal acquisition of sensitive technologies. The Department of Treasury has sanctioned networks involved in smuggling goods and technology from the U.S. to Iran, impacting national security.

In response, the Disruptive Technology Strike Force was launched to counter the smuggling of advanced technologies to U.S. adversaries. The Strike Force has charged several cases involving sanctions and export control violations, aiming to prevent sensitive U.S. technologies from falling into the wrong hands.

The illegal export of U.S.-based tech poses a threat to national security, as adversaries use these technologies to enhance military capabilities. The Strike Force focuses on investigating and prosecuting criminal violations of export laws, while also fostering partnerships with the private sector and leveraging international cooperation to disrupt illegal networks.

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