Thu. May 30th, 2024


  • The European Commission has opened a formal investigation into Chinese e-commerce site AliExpress over concerns about illegal and pornographic content on its platform under the Digital Services Act (DSA).
  • The probe will focus on fake food, fake medicines, and dietary supplements sales, as well as pornographic material accessible to minors on the website.

The European Commission has launched a formal investigation into Chinese e-commerce platform AliExpress over potential violations of the Digital Services Act. The investigation will focus on areas such as content moderation, advertising transparency, and traceability of traders. Concerns have been raised about the sale of fake medicines, food, and dietary supplements, as well as pornographic content accessible to minors on the platform. The commission has also sent requests for information to other tech giants regarding their use of generative artificial intelligence, as part of ongoing efforts to ensure compliance with regulations and protect consumers.

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